The Real Estate Writer and Ken Speegle: Helping You Succeed

Posted by Admin | June 28th, 2013

Lots of people are graced with the gift of gab, but The Real Estate Writer has the incredible ability to explain your business better than you know it yourself. Ken Speegle – The Real Estate Writer – approaches every project the same way: He learns about your stated goals, gains an in-depth understanding of your business, then he gets to work.

The Life Cycle of The Real Estate Writer’s Creativity: How Ken Speegle Works

For more than 20 years, The Real Estate Writer has been the real estate copywriter that real estate agents, brokers and platform speakers have turned to when their message needs to be delivered just so. How does Ken Speegle do it?

The Real Estate Writer is more than willing to share his winning formula:

  • Real estate learning phase – During this introductory phase, Ken Speegle digs deeply into your business, asking hard questions about what you do, how you do it, and why. No question is off-limits to The Real Estate Writer, because words mean things – and your success is on the line.
  • Real estate understanding phase – Based on what The Real Estate Writer learns during phase 1, he thinks through an effective strategy for implementing your goals. This takes time, but Ken Speegle’s results speak for themselves.
  • Real estate copywriting greatness – Once he has the ammunition needed to craft compelling real estate copy, The Real Estate Writer gets to work on your project, writing, re-writing, editing and refining. Then he does it again. Ken Speegle knows you’re shelling out big bucks for compelling real estate copy that gets quantifiable results – every time.

The Real Estate Writer: Ken Speegle Watches You Take a Real Estate Victory Lap

Once Ken Speegle has handed you real estate copywriting excellence – and you’ve signed off on the project – The real Estate Writer watches in admiration as you reap the financial rewards of his real estate copywriting. To learn more about how Ken Speegle – The Real Estate Writer – can help your business reach its full potential, hop on over to You’ll be glad you did!

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